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Wednesday evening Bible Study (Does not meet the first Wednesday of each Month due to Ministry Team Night Dinner & Meetings)

Currently Studying 1 Thessalonians on Zoom (look for an email each week with the link)

Location: Room 206



Wednesday evening Bible Study is taught by our Pastor, Ray Cobb. During this hour the pastor teaches through a book of the Bible.  This is predominately a lecture study with some discussion.  If you like to listen and learn, this may be just the place for you.  Of course questions and comments are always welcomed. 

Sunday Morning Classes- Summer 2020

Sundays at 10:00 AM between worship services we offer a variety of adult classes for any one to participate in. We study the Bible, have times of fellowship, and seek to learn more about God and how to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Class topics change regularly, but we have several ongoing groups that meet each week.

Educating Disciples:  Heidleberg Catechism 

*Currently meeting on Sunday mornings at 8:45am via Zoom (Look for an email each week with the link)

Location: Fellowship Hall A


The Heidelberg Catechism  was first published in 1563, and presents a series of questions and answers for use in teaching Reformed Christian doctrine. It has long been beloved for its pastoral warmth and clear exposition of scripture, and is one of ECO’s Confessional Standards. The Synod of Dort approved it in 1619, and it soon became the most ecumenical of the Reformed catechisms and confessions. It has been translated into many European, Asian, and African languages and is still the most influential and the most generally accepted catechism of the Reformation.


This class focuses on deep study of the Scriptures in order to approach God more intimately and to understand the unfailing grace offered to imperfect people.  We seek to learn how to live out our calling as beloved children of the one true God by pondering the lives of those who have gone before us, the "great cloud of witnesses for the faith"  (Heb 12:1).  Above all, we want to know Christ and the power of HIs resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, that we may become more like Him (Phil 3:10).




Fellowshipping Disciples:  1 Peter: Walk the Talk

Location: Fellowship Hall B


*Will join Educating Disciples class on February 16. Meredith Riedel will be teaching on the fifth affirmation of the Apostles' Creed: he descended into hell.


Becoming holy begins in our mind, “If you want to act holy, you have to learn to think holy”, 1 Peter 1: 13-16. Thinking differently affects our behavior.  We must be obedient to God, forgive others, make right choices, live in peace, and trust God. Join the Fellowship class as we study 1 Peter, in which these topics are explored. This study is based on a Series Builder by Steve May who publishes Preaching Library  Everyone is welcome anytime.


The goal of the Fellowship class is to make everyone feel welcome as the class studies the Bible and prays together. The class begins with coffee, snacks and conversation, followed by interactive study on a Christian topic or book of the Bible. An ongoing theme in our discussions is how to live as a Christian in the world, with the challenges of the changing culture. the supportive sociable atmosphere provides a forum for classmates to share concerns, joys and needs. All are welcome anytime.


Establishing Disciples: The Bible Jesus Read 

Location: Room 201


Although many Christians consider the New Testament more important than the Old, the New Testament was written after Jesus' earthly ministry, making the Old Testament "the Bible Jesus read." This fact obligates Christians to know it well. This study by Philip Yancey approaches key sections of the Hebrew Bible (mostly from  Job, Deuteronomy, The Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and the Prophets) and confronts core questions of the Christian faith: Do I matter? Does God care? Why doesn't God act? Rather than providing simple answers--he in fact says that "by no means did Jesus resolve the problem of pain"-- this study instead affirms our need to know this ancient text more deeply in order to know our Lord more personally.


Establishing Disciples is tailored to young adults, so anyone in their college-aged years to their early 30s, single or married, will feel right at home. From how phones are changing us to finding the life you want in Christ, Establishing Disciples will tackle the unique experiences and challenges of early adulthood.

Equipping Disciples

Location: Room 100


 Join us for study and conversation in an encouraging, informal environment as we learn together what it means to follow Jesus actively as disciples, not just admire Him as fans. For more information, contact Mark or Juliellen Simpson-Vos (;


Jesus has called us to follow him--to be His disciples. But what does that mean in practice? What gifts does the Holy Spirit provide to equip us and help us grow as followers of Jesus Christ? All are invited to join this supportive, conversational class for study, discussion, and prayer meant to help you end 2020 with a clear sense of your calling to mission and ministry in response to God's grace. From January 26-March 1, we'll be using Kyle Idleman's book and video study, Not A Fan, to guide our conversation.


As followers of Jesus we are called to live out our faith at all times and in all places: at home and at work, in our relationships and in our community. To be ready, we need our community of faith to encourage, challenge, and prepare us. This class uses conversation and study to build a community of well-equipped disciples ready to show the love of Jesus to a world that needs His grace.



Supporting Disciples (SALT- Single Adults in the Lord Together):  James

Location: 201


For James, a faith that does not produce real life changes is a faith that is worthless.  Join Pastor Ray as together you explore this book that teaches us faith that works.  Everyone is invited to join in.


For several dynamic decades, this class brought together single adults for Bible study and fellowship. It has now grown into an active group of senior adults offering more in-depth Bible study and welcomes mature believers whether single, divorced, married or widowed. The fourth Monday of each month features a potluck dinner open to anyone seeking table fellowship or a mentor in the faith. TGC is blessed to have a wealth of experienced Christians to share their hard-won wisdom.


Questions about what class might be right for you?  Contact Amie Palmer