Care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers

is provided from before the 8:45 am worship service

through the end of the second service.


infant to 2 years

Infant & toddler nursery, conveniently located upstairs near the sanctuary (Room 210)

  • regular professional caregiver assisted by volunteers
  • consistent, loving environment for the security of babies and parents
  • quiet, separate area for nursing and napping
  • pagers provided to alert you of any need

Preschool Care

2 to 4 years


Preschool classroom located downstairs in the children's wing (Room 107)


Preschool classes teach important foundational principles about God while play time is supervised by our dedicated parents.




Interviews with

our awesome nursery team...

Charlyne Rich

Charlyne Rich has been with us for ten-plus years!

She says, "I am the mother of two wonderful adult children who have provided me with three amazing granddaughters. I enjoyed being a parent but I absolutely LOVE being a grandmother. I've learned more about love through my grandchildren than I ever knew existed. As a young girl, I became very interested in rock 'n' roll music, an interest which has continued through today. In addition to my family, the things I love are pizza, chocolate candy, reading, water aerobics, my friends, table board games, and looking in awe at the blue, blue skies above us. I am a very happy woman whose life has been enriched by my family and through my friends. I love watching the babies in our nursery here, and I love to watch them as they develop their skills. I thoroughly enjoy every moment spent with them.  This is the way I choose to serve God.”

Kathy Ramsey

Kathy Ramsey is one of our Triangle Grace Preschool Teachers and an experienced caregiver and grandmother!

Kathy says, "I am married to Tom and we have 3 adult children. Erin and her husband Joe have a 6-year old boy, Kael. They live in Jacksonville, NC. Kathleen has a daughter, Korinne. Korinne is 11. She and her husband Jeff Iive in Snow Camp. Our youngest Josh lives in Charlotte. He is married to Rebecca and they have welcomed a 3-month old daughter. I love walking and especially walking our dog in the woods."

Missy Owen

Missy Owen is a deacon and a Kids Club teacher. She loves taking care of kids!

Missy says, “I have lots of experience taking care of babies, since I am one of seven children in my family.  I began caring for younger siblings when I was 5.  I believe that communication is important, and I enjoy telling you about what your baby is doing.  Don’t worry!  I can perform under pressure;  I jumped out of an airplane at an altitude of 800 feet!”