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Opportunities for learning, fellowship & missions

Meal Ministry

Do you like to cook?

Triangle Grace has a ministry to meet that need.  Through the Meal Train website, we connect folks who like to cook with folks who need to eat.

When babies are born, or surgeries happen, or accidents lay us low,  the Meal Train gang comes along side of these folks to meet their needs.

Contact Nikki Goss at and she will add your e-mail address to the list of volunteers, and you will be notified when a need arises.

Inquirer's Class



Contact the office for our next session


This special class is taught periodically through the year by the Pastor and is geared especially toward those who have questions about the life and ministry of Triangle Grace Church.  We will explore such things as: what it means to be a Presbyterian, what programs are offered through this church, where did this church come from and what is the vision for the future.


If you are a life-long Presbyterian or you’re brand new to the church, it matters not.  Come and join the Pastor as we explore together the possibilities of worship and service through the ministry of this church.

Garden volunteers needed

We need you!

Can you use a shovel, a trowel or a hose? Clogged parking lot drains, weeds and young native perennials need attention.  Let our congregation care for the property we are blessed to share with God’s marvelous creation.  

 How can you help?

- keep the drains clear in the parking lots

- pull weeds

- donate a hose

- water young perennials and native grasses 

- remove an invasive privet shrub

- trim bushes

- help spread mulch

- edge landscaped beds

- clean out the five birdhouses 

- weed in the courtyard 

- refresh water sources for the birds

- pick up trash, pine cones and sticks

- help remove invasive honeysuckle 

There are new and ongoing tasks throughout the year. Please consider volunteering one or two hours a month. You will probably be rewarded seeing a butterfly, native bee, lizard, hummingbird moth, dragonfly or bird.

If you can help, contact Julia Bales