Lenten Discipleship Initiative: 

Dead Bones Live

February 26 - April 3



What is the Lenten Discipleship Initiative?


Lent is a season we set aside in our church life together comprised of inward reflection leading to a life of action in obedience to Christ. The Lenten Discipleship Initiative (LDI) is designed to assist those involved to think deeply about their walk with Christ through personal reflection, prayer, and corporate study of scripture as we move toward the remembrance of Christ’s death and celebration of his resurrection during Holy Week.



What is the theme of LDI  2023 and what will we be studying?


Our theme for LDI 2023 is “Dead Bones Live.”


Central to the redemptive-historical plan of God is the escalating work of the Holy Spirit. As often as the prophets spoke about the expectation of a Savior, they equally proclaimed a great outpouring of God’s Spirit among his people inextricably linked to the efficacy of the Messiah. The restoration of his people and the expansion of the kingdom of God to encompass all nations, tribes, and tongues were both grounded in this anticipated experience. The gifts of the Spirit along with the fruits that the presence of the Holy Spirit produces assure those who belong to Christ of his saving work in their lives while empowering them to live a life pleasing to God as his ambassadors to the world. Both intimacy and guidance are offered to Christians through the Holy Spirit’s presence.


We will study chapters 36 and 37 of Ezekiel in our sermons during the season of Lent leading up to Easter. This prophetic section is one of many OId Testament passages which offers clarity about the anticipated work of the Holy Spirit among his people. This chapter also serves as intonated background to what Paul writes in chapters 2 and 3 in his letter to the Ephesians connecting it to our ongoing 2022/2023 sermon series of this epistle.  Lenten Discipleship Initiative small groups and daily devotional materials will explore the application of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives individually and corporately.



What is the Lenten Discipleship Experience like?


LDI spans a six-week period starting the Sunday after Ash Wednesday and continues through Easter.  It is comprised of three major components: 


  Content-Rich Teaching  Two primary teaching components will be offered.  Each week a 15 minute video will be sent to participants that will present a content-rich conversation between Kris Perkins and Molly Williamson about the work of the Spirit in the Old Testament. Our Sunday sermons will focus on Ezekiel 36 and 37 a section which anticipates the work of the Spirit which Jesus inaugurates on earth and continues in our lives today.



  Small Group Discussion  At the heart of the LDI experience are LDI small groups which meet at Triangle Grace Church each Sunday.  In this context authentic friendships of encouragement and accountability develop broadening the tapestry of relationships within our church family. Discussion will focus on the application of the work of the Spirit in our lives today.


  E-Devotionals  Devotional materials and activities connected to our theme will be provided  each week so that our thoughts are drawn daily towards the biblical truths we are considering throughout this Lenten season. Each day we will look at a different New Testament passage about the work of the Holy Spirit and reflect on it.


When does LDI meet?


LDI small groups begin on Sunday, February 26 and will meet each Sunday, through April 3. Each group will consist of 6-10 people. Groups will meet before our morning services at 9:00 am.  We will also offer an LDI small groups after the 10:15 am service for those who are committed to leadership responsibilities at TGC on Sunday mornings at the 9:00 am hour.


Does LDI take the place of my current small group?


The Lenten Discipleship Initiative is a distinct experience from current small groups which are meeting.  If you are already involved in a small group, you can continue to meet throughout Lent at your normal times during the week as LDI is geared towards a Sunday morning experience. Some current small groups may wish to take a break from their regular meetings during Lent to participate in this all-church initiative on Sundays.  Alternatively, you may request from Molly Williamson LDI curriculum resources to utilize with your small group meeting during the week. LDI groups will be new small groups who will meet for a limited six-week period.



What should I do with my children during LDI?


 Childcare is available for children and youth through our regular Sunday classes and programming.



How do I register and what are the costs associated with LDI?


Registration is no longer open.  If you still want to join us on Sunday mornings for small groups, please contact the church office and we can put you in a group and get you subscribed to daily emails, etc.