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DivorceCare Support Group

DivorceCare is a special support group where you can find help as you recover from the hurt of separation or divorce.


There aren’t many people around you who understand the pain your divorce or separation has caused: to you; your family; your friends. That’s the reason for DivorceCare. It’s a series of support groups and seminars conducted by people who understand what you are experiencing. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life.


There are two parts to each weekly DivorceCare session. During the first 30-40 minutes of the meeting, the group watches a video featuring top experts on divorce and recovery topics. These videos contain valuable information about recovering from divorce and are produced in an interesting-to-watch television magazine format.

Following the video, the participants spend time as a “support group,” discussing what was presented on that week’s videotape and what is going on in the lives of the group participants.


For more information contact: randchart@gmail.com or call the church office at 919-544-2872

If you need child care, please let us know in advance!


The DivorceCare program, as a ministry of Triangle Presbyterian Church, promotes healing from a broken relationship between a husband and a wife. As such, the biblically-centered curriculum is most applicable to those coming from a traditional marriage. Individuals coming from non-traditional relationships may not find the program adequate to meet their needs. If you have questions about the applicability of the program to your situation, please speak with your DivorceCare facilitator.


For information or to register for DivorceCare click here.


Our next session will begin on Thursday, January 19, 2022 from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Location: Room 100


All are Welcome

We want you to come just as you are.  We want to make sure when you visit you are comfortable and that is all that matters to us. As long you are come through our doors, we want to make sure you feel loved and welcomed. If you ever need anything, always feel free to connect with us.